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Working With Clients Considering Bankruptcy

Understandably, many people aren’t sure how the bankruptcy process works. When deciding whether or not to file, Regan Law LLC, can help. I can examine your situation and provide you with an honest assessment. My top priority is making sure you understand the options you are facing. Together, we can find a solution that will work best.

What You Need To Bring

Many things must be submitted when filing for bankruptcy. During our first meeting, it is important to bring pay stubs as well as six months of bank statements. This will show your current income and how you have been allocating your money. Next, you should bring two years’ worth of tax returns. You should also have evidence of your debts and any court papers showing that you have been sued. All of this information will help build your case.

You can find a more comprehensive PDF list, which you can download and print, here:

Regan Law, LLC, Bankruptcy Checklist

There are many different forms of bankruptcy, and we can decide what will help you rebuild your finances. Many people fear how this will affect their future. In reality, you should look at it as a chance to wipe the slate clean. As your attorney, I will make sure you are taking all of the necessary steps. If you do not do this correctly, it can make things even more complicated down the road. Make sure things are handled properly by retaining the services of a skilled lawyer.

Don’t Wait; Call Today

If you are facing a mountain of bills and feel like there is no way out, reach out to a firm that will do everything it can to help. Call my office in Topsham at 207-543-3985 as soon as possible to discuss your options. You can also send me an email. I serve clients throughout southern and Mid-Coast Maine, including the towns of Bath, Brunswick and Freeport.

Regan Law LLC is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.